I sure do like those Christmas cookies


It is less than ten days until Christmas! This means it is the perfect time of year to spend your time in the kitchen baking sweet treats. I love baking, I’m not the best, but I do enjoy it. In my family, I’m the only one with a sweet tooth so baking ultimately leads to me eating them all. Now since I’m on my own, it’s worse. However, during the holiday season I can’t resist baking a batch…or in this case three. I was searching for recipes that weren’t entirely “bad for you” in a way to help with a lifestyle change I’m trying to make, and while searching for a healthier sugar cookie recipe I also came across ginger bread cookies..and snicker doodles.

ImageI started my evening with these Sugar Cookies. The recipe looked simple enough and I already had all of the ingredients in my house. I chose this to start because of the chill time, and I know from past experience that the longer you chill sugar cookies, they usually turn out better. Instead of frosting, I opted to sprinkle sugar on top of the cookies before baking. I found in recent years this has been my preferred decoration, mainly because it’s less time consuming and far less messy than royal icing. I’m impressed by how these came out. Not too hard, and very rich in flavour. For those on Weight Watchers they’re also only 1 point per cookie!

ImageThis is something new for me, Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles. I had whole wheat flour already, so this was a fun change in my usual cookie routine. Not to mention these were my favourite of the three. They’re very soft and chewy, and the whole wheat flour adds a kick of new flavour that you don’t find in snickerdoodles. The recipe calculated the weight watchers points for these, and they equal 1 per cookie, and 3 per two cookies. They are delicious though, it’s going to be hard not to eat the rest of the batch.

Image A Christmas classic; Ginger Bread Cookies! I was super excited to make these because the last time I even attempted to make ginger bread cookies I was eleven years old. I’m now 21, so it has been an entire decade since that attempt. This one went smoother than last time. This recipe is perfect, the cookies come out soft and are not hard and crunchy. Well, it’s perfect for me in that sense because I prefer chewy cookies over crunchy. These are lower in fat because most of the butter has be substituted for apple sauce. Instead of icing, half of the batch received a sprinkling of powdered sugar while the other half got the smarties treatment. Once again for those on Weight Watchers these are only 2 points per cookie.


I decided to package these in mason jars to give out as gifts. I plan on buying some red and green ribbon to make these a bit more festive, but it’s not completely necessary. I think baking cookies always make a wonderful treat for friends, family and coworkers. In fact, I have an entire bin that I will be bringing into work.This was not a terrible way to spend a Sunday evening. Partner baking, egg nog and Home Alone movies and you have a swell evening for one.

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